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 Аккорды и тексты песен Celine Dion — San Bernadino
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Celine Dion — San Bernadino

D Fm# Hm Fm#
Iґve been all around this great big world To Paris and to Rome
D Fm# Hm Fm#
And Iґve never found a place that I Could really call my own
Hm Fm#
But thereґs one place where I know The sun is shining endlessly
And itґs calling me across the sea So I must get back to San Bernadino

D Fm# Hm Fm#
I remember when I was sixteen My daddy said to me
D Fm# Hm Fm#
"You could travel round this universe Until eternity,
Hm Fm#
"But youґll never find that peace of mind That youґve been dreaminґ of,
"Not until you finally decide To come on home to San Bernadino."

Oh, Iґm longinґ for San Bernadino
Hm Fm# D
Oh, Iґm longinґ for San Bernadino

3rd verse
Iґve been all along the water
Right up to the Rio Grande
And Iґve never found that paradise
They call the promised land
I was young and foolishly
I thought the world was at my feet
But I know different now and so*
Iґm homeward bound for San Bernadino

4th verse
Well Iґm older and Iґm wiser
And Iґve seen the light of day
And I think itґs time to realise
My dreams have gone astray
But I tried so hard to reach that star
That was so far away
So now I gotta find that road
Thatґs leading home to San Bernadino

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