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Джереми Паскаль. Иллюстрированная история рок-музыки



the following is a list of books used for reference in the writing of this work. Each book is ment; oned under the chapter where it was first consulted whether or not it was referred to in connection with material in other chapters. Many newspapers and magazines have also been consulted and those from which Ive quoted are mentioned in the text. Of course, I have constantly referred to the NME (whose charts I have used throughout), M.Maker and R.Stone.

Chapter One.

After The Ball Ian Whitcomb; Allen Jane 1973.
All You Need Is Love Tony Palmer; Weidenfeld and Nicholson 1977.
AWopBopaLooBopAlopBamBoom Nick Cohn; Paladin 1970.
The Book Of Golden Discs Comp. by Joseph Murrells; Barrie and Jenkins
Buddy Holly: His Life And Music John Goldrosen; Charisma 1975.
Celluloid Rock Philip Jenkinson and Alan Warner; Lorrimer 1974.
Concert Guide Dr. Gerhart von Westerman; Sphere 1968.
Elvis Jerry Hopkins; Abacus 1974.
Elvis Dick Tatham; Chartwell 1976.
Encyclopedia of Pop, Rock And Soul Irvin Stambler; St Martins Press
Encyclopedia of Rock: Vol I: The Age Of Rock And Roll Ed by Phil Hardy
and Dave Laing; Panther 1976.
The Illustrated NME Encyclopedia Of Rock Comp by Nick Logan and Bob
Woffinden; Hamlyn 1976.
Lillian Roxons Rock Encyclopedia L.Roxon; Grosset and Dunlap 1971.
NME Book Of Rock 2 Ed by Nick Logan and Bob Woffinden; Star Book 1977.
Paul McCartney In His Own Words Paul Gambaccini; Omnibus Press 1976.
The Poetry Of Rock Richard Goldstein; Bantam 1969.
Rock File Vol 1 Ed by Charlie Gillett; NEL 1972.
Rock File Vol 4 Ed by Charlie Gillett and Simon Frith; Panther 1976.
RocknRoll Chris May; Socion.
The Sound Of The City Charlie Gillett; Sphere 1971.
The Story Of Pop Ed by Jeremy Pascall; Phoebus 1976.
The Story Of Rock Carl Belz; Harper Colophon 1969.
Those Oldies But Goodies: A Guide To 50s Record Collecting Steve
Propes; Collier Macmillan 1973.
20 Years Of British Record Charts 1955-75 Ed by Tony Jasper; Queen Anne
Press 1975.

Chapter Two.

The Coasters Bill Millar; Star Book 1975.
The Drifters Bill Millar; Studio Vista 1971.
Encyclopedia Of Rock: Vol 2: From Liverpool to San Francisco Ed by Phil
Hardy and Dave Laing; Panther 1976.
Making Tracks: The History Of Atlantic Records Charlie Gillett; Panther
Owning Up George Melly; Weidenfeld and Nicholson 1972.
Rock File Vol 3 Ed by Charlie Gillett and Simon Frith; Panther 1975.
The Sound Of Philadelphia Tony Cummings; Methuen 1975.
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